Vampires and Phantoms

Vampires and Phantoms are scary, but you know what's even scarier? Vampire and Phantom Loads. Also called Leaking Electricity it happens when you leave things plugged in that are using small amounts of electricity even though they aren't doing anything. They can be found all over your house, laptops and monitors in standby mode, coffee makers, tv's in guest bedrooms, nightlights, cellphone and tablet chargers, electric toothbrush chargers, even cordless phones...seriously who has one of those? Even if your phone is fully charged, leaving it plugged in still uses electricity! Depending on how many appliances and electronics you have plugged in, Vampire Loads can add up to 10% to your electricity bill every month! Sunny the Solar Squirrel says that's a lot of acorns! You can help by unplugging seldom used things in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms, or using a power strip to turn off computers/monitors/fax machines...I mean really, fax machine? So be sure that Vampires don't suck your energy and your money. Get in the habit and if you have kids, teach them too, remember even the smallest effort can have a huge impact if we all pitch in.