Renewable Education

Educating our children about renewable and non-renewable sources is one of the most valuable lessons we can give them. It is vital that the future generations are clued up about the earth's dwindling resources and what they can do to help to prevent further deterioration.


Renewable Sources of Energy

Solar PowerSolar Power is the usable energy you can get from the sun or light.


Wind Power

Wind power is usually generated via wind turbines and converts wind energy into electricity.

Tidal Energy
Tidal Energy is power obtained from the movement in water caused by tides.

Wave Power
Wave power comes from the energy created by waves in the ocean, and can be used for electricity and pumping purposes.

Geothermal Power
Geothermal power comes from the heat found under the earth in volcanic regions.

Hydroelectric Power
Hydroelectric power is sourced from water driving a water turbine and generator.