Sunny the Solar Squirrel is bit of a nerdy genius. There is not a bird feeder made today that she can’t break into (as squirrels are known to do). She has lush golden-brown fur and loves to play in the park with her friends. She is very inventive, whether it’s making up new games, or building things — she’s always coming up with ideas to make things easier. Her passion for solar energy came about when her golden brown fur started turning dirty and grey, and her throat was hurting from all the smog pollution from nearby factories.



Kilo and Kamo the Compost Kittens come from royalty, but they are definitely not snooty. They often downplay their royal lines and tend to be goofy and aloof. Friends are always discovering new things about them, like expensive homes they have lived in or exotic places they’ve been. Like all kittens they love to play and are always getting each other out of trouble, caused by their curiosity. Their passion for composting came about because they are always served eight-course meals, of which they only like to eat the vegetables. They began to see just how much food is not eaten and thrown away during their travels as well. They realized that food shouldn’t be wasted and should instead be composted — and also that all humans should eat their vegetables!



Hubert the Hydro Hippo is the biggest, most huggable and lovable guy in the woods. He’s always happy even in the most dire or sad situations. He can find the good in anybody or anything. Even though it may seem that he’s not that bright, don’t let that fool you. He’s actually very astute and a misunderstood genius. Since he spends a large amount of time in the water, it’s very important that the water be clean. Who likes to sit in dirty water?! His passion for clean water came about when he noticed his lake becoming polluted from trash and factories dumping their waste into the lake.




Rooney the Recycling Raccoon is your typical raccoon, with an edge. He’s a bit of a hipster raccoon, who is fairly mellow. His passion for recycling came about when tipping over garbage cans at night looking for food (which Raccoons are known to do) he came across a lot of bottles, cans, plastics, and other items that should be in recycling bins and not garbage cans. If he’s industrious enough to tip over garbage cans looking for dinner, humans should be able to put recyclables into a separate recycling bin.



Rico the Eco Chico is a special guide to the Rascals. No one knows exactly where he came from but Rico’s mission is to spread the word about ways we can all help save the environment. Rico is an insects of sorts, kind of like a big bee with super powers. Rico helps explain concepts to the Renewable Rascals and often helps interpret really complex ideas in ways the animals can understand better.



Garvin the Geothermal Gopher always seems to have a stuffy nose. It could be because he’s always burrowing tunnels in damp, cold, musty ground, because the tunnels are Garvin’s home. One day while digging another tunnel, he dug right into a HOT, HOT, HOT stream of water and steam. While at first he was scared, he soon realized that he could use that heat and steam to make his tunnels warm. He carefully built a system to capture the steam and create a heater for all his tunnels. He thought that if he could do this, humans could do this to capture the heat and power things they need.



Wattu the Windy Warbler loves to fly and sing (as any Warbler is prone to do). She loves to fly fast and do aerial tricks, like the loop-to-loop. Her favorite trick is the power dive where she flies as high as she can, then dives straight down to the ground and at the last minute, swoops back up before hitting the ground. It’s such an exciting feeling and makes her imagine what it must feel like to ride a rollercoaster! When she’s not doing tricks or flying, she loves to sit on tree branches and feel the winds gently sway. This is when she does her best singing. Wattu experiences the strength and power of the wind when she tries to fly against it. It’s sooooo hard and tiring. She realized that humans could use big wind mills to use the wind’s strength to power the things they need.