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John Patrick

My name is John Patrick and I’m the creator of the Renewable Rascals. My passion for environmentalism was instilled at an early age by my father and mother. I am the son of a carpenter and a strong, Vietnamese woman who was raised in a village in Vietnam. My father’s parents (my grandparents) survived the Great Depression through resourcefulness and humbleness. My mother’s family, which are still in Vietnam today, are subsistence farmers, growing crops, selling most, and eating what they grow to survive. My parents’ upbringings carried over to how they raised me and my brother. We understood the value of a dollar and that we shouldn’t waste our resources because they are scarce.

I spent most of my adult career in technology because that was a passion of mine but after I was laid off from a job, I decided I wanted to pursue my other deep passion, the environment. I wanted to do something I felt good about, I know that sounds cliché but it is true. I wanted a job in the solar industry.

So, I spent six years in the solar industry and loved every minute of it! Every time we sold equipment for a project, it meant that much less electricity a utility company had to generate and less pollution. And at the beginning of my solar career is when I envisioned Sunny the Solar Squirrel.  The other characters popped into my head shortly after and the Renewable Rascals were “renewed”. 

My goal is to reach children at an early age (like I was) and make them aware that they can have a positive impact on nature. That even the smallest or seemingly insignificant thing they do for the environment can be a great benefit to our natural world. I hope the Renewable Rascals can be fun, interactive, environmental heroes that our children learn from and emulate in their daily lives. That they inspire them to become strong global stewards of a renewable, sustainable, and eco-conscious future. And if you have kids, that they become Renewable Rascals themselves.

This project has been a long time in the works, as my wife and friends can attest to. Thanks to a dear friend’s push, things are moving and I hope you enjoy the site and stay tuned for updates, tips, advice, and a book about Sunny the Solar Squirrel.