• Do you you let the water run when you brush your teeth?

• Do you indiscriminately throw your trash into one bin instead of separating it?

• Do you leave the lights on in empty rooms or run the a/c when you’re not home?

• This may not be your fault, you may have learned it from your parents. While you might not be able to change your behavior today, we can still change the world!

• We just need to start ‘em young. We need to create an engaging and fun way to recruit and encourage generations of children to inspire major changes so our planet can accommodate the future demands of a growing population and changing climate.


• Two-thirds of the public fail a basic environmental quiz and 88 percent fail a basic energy quiz (Chesapeake Bay Foundation, 2016).

• The US is not in the Top 5 countries for solar power per capita (Renewable Energy Policy Network, 2016).

• Only 42% of schools incorporate environmental education and sustainability in their mission and priorities (NAIS, 2014) while India’s 1.3 million
schools are required by law to educate each young Indian (~300 million) about the environment and sustainability (Smithsonian, 2015).

• The EPA has a program dedicated to Environmental Education (EE) for K-8, teachers, and parents (EPA website, 2016).


• Books are the Hook - books introduce the Renewable Rascals and their respective passions for the environment.

• Technology is the Glue - apps and online
communities brings everyone together.

• Partnerships increase Reach & Frequency - creating alliances with charities, corporations, schools, and government agencies promotes constant engagement and casts a bigger net.

• Merchandise extends the Brands - toys, clothes, and tangible items drives further engagement.

• Animated Series fosters Anticipation - a cartoon series creates excitement for the next episode while simultaneously teaching valuable lessons.